My Weight Loss Journey: The Moment things “clicked”

This picture is pretty much the moment things “clicked” for me.
As you can tell by my face, I was pretty disgusted with my reflection but didn’t let it discourage me.

Dec 2014, I was finally ready to change my lifestyle and knew it could no longer be some “diet” or quick fix. Because I’ll admit, I had done plenty of those.

I also knew I couldn’t have tunnel vision by  focusing on the numbers on the scale because it wouldn’t get me anywhere.

I genuinely wanted to change and become healthy for myself and my family. And I believe that’s why I got serious… because of WHY I wanted to lose weight.

It wasn’t because I wanted to get fit for my bday.

It wasn’t because I wanted to look better in clothes.

It was because I wanted to FEEL good!

I know that sounds so simple but y’all… Carrying around that belly gave me back pain 😭

And I was constantly asked if I was expecting..I guess thats the perks of having an apple shape lol…? And let’s not even get on my energy level and eating habits– Yea, it was THAT bad!

As of March 2017, I’m happy to say I lost about 60lbs from the comfort of my own home. But it doesn’t stop there!

My goal is to continue to become my best self while inspiring others to do the same ❤