4 Ways to Help Your Pre-Teen Ease Into Her First Menstrual Cycle & The Two Things You Should Avoid

I was prepared yet unprepared for my 9-year-old to come home from school to be met with the sight of red in her underwear. That was the day my daughter became a young woman. It was also the day I was hit by reality.

Our Story: From Pregnant After 3 Months to Happily Married

To my surprise (because time is literally flying) my hubby and I are coming up on our 2 year wedding anniversary! Just as I wrote a blog on 6 things I learned within our first year of marriage, and had so much fun while doing so, I decided to start a trend! 😉 A lot … Continue reading Our Story: From Pregnant After 3 Months to Happily Married

Christian Woman Must-haves: How to Start an Intimate Relationship with Jesus

I’ve been on a “serious” walk with Jesus for a little over a year now. I say “serious” because there were several times when I tried my hardest (or maybe not) to wake up in the morning before anyone else, spend time with Jesus, and read the Word. Apparently, those times never stuck in the past. Fortunately, things finally began to turn around for me once I implemented the tips that I will be discussing with you down below.

How to Truly Live Your Best Life

If I am being honest, I admit that when I saw those “living my best life” posts, I cringed a little. Seeing someone on a yacht or taking a trip to Italy made me wonder if I wasn’t actually living my best life because my life does not look like theirs. 

He Equips the Called

What are you called to do? Do you believe it to come to pass? Or do you think it is entirely too big of a task to accomplish? Whatever the case, keep in mind that God doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips the called. Meaning, he doesn’t call you to do something you are … Continue reading He Equips the Called

Are You Too Busy?

Throughout fasting, I have witnessed God reveal some important areas in my life that need work.... You are too busy and rush through your days. You're doing so much yet the work is unfruitful and causes you to miss out on what is really important.  ...is what the Holy Spirit convicted me with.

Struggling in life? This Message is for YOU

I am hoping someone out there reads this and receives the healing and comfort they need--someone going through what I went through and sometimes still go through. Someone like me. Someone who doesn’t remember the last time they didn’t have to force a smile