How Clean is Your Cup?

We live in a world where most people are only concerned with how they look on the outside. They buy the most expensive clothing, make sure their make-up is always “slayed” and “on point”, and crave for their outward appearance to be acceptable to the human eye. That is all fine and dandy because I … Continue reading How Clean is Your Cup?

Failing Towards Victory

I wish weight loss was never the goal when I started my journey in 2015. Of course, I wanted to feel good overall but my main goal was to look good and have more confidence. You may beg to differ, but in my eyes, that is the same thing as weight loss. In fact, I wish I would have started this journey with one goal

He Equips the Called

What are you called to do? Do you believe it to come to pass? Or do you think it is entirely too big of a task to accomplish? Whatever the case, keep in mind that God doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips the called. Meaning, he doesn’t call you to do something you are … Continue reading He Equips the Called

Are You Too Busy?

Throughout fasting, I have witnessed God reveal some important areas in my life that need work.... You are too busy and rush through your days. You're doing so much yet the work is unfruitful and causes you to miss out on what is really important. what the Holy Spirit convicted me with.

The Sacrifice Revealed

Many times on Easter Sunday, I would go to church and be thankful, but often wondered what I was missing as I witnessed other people genuinely crying and expressing their deep gratitude. I wanted to understand everything they did and experience the things they felt. So as silly as it may sound, I asked God to reveal it to me.

Struggling in life? This Message is for YOU

I am hoping someone out there reads this and receives the healing and comfort they need--someone going through what I went through and sometimes still go through. Someone like me. Someone who doesn’t remember the last time they didn’t have to force a smile

The Chains Are Broken

Bad habits and addictions exist in many different forms; Pornography. Alcoholism. Smoking. Drugs--You name it, it’s there. Many people believe that they can’t stop the bad habit. And many people have tried countless of times. They succeed for a short period of time only for the habit to return sooner than later and become stronger than before.

Everything Will Be Okay

One of the things I have never talked about publicly is my own battle with depression. I was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety. I knew something was wrong, I just ignored it and didn’t want to admit it. I honestly thought I would wake up and everything I felt would disappear.