5 Easy Tips to Have a Fit Pregnancy Throughout All Trimesters

Your ultimate goal when expecting is to have a healthy pregnancy. But to be one hundred percent honest, this is my first pregnancy where I've really sought out to have a healthy 9 months. With my previous pregnancies, I ate and drank like crap 24/7. And no, this isn't an exaggeration. I didn't move my … Continue reading 5 Easy Tips to Have a Fit Pregnancy Throughout All Trimesters

Foods I Eat to Lose Weight

One of the questions I get asked the most is..."What did you eat to lose weight?" I know some of you are itching to know the answer, but--and I say this with good intentions-- I won't share my exact meal plan. And here's why; I have shared my meal plan numerous of times in the … Continue reading Foods I Eat to Lose Weight

My Fitness Journey: Send Help! I’m Struggling

I've been on my journey for a little over two years now. There has been many good months, and many "trying" months. I don't want to say bad months because going through them has made me learn more and become stronger. As you can see above, the end of 2016 (after I got married) my … Continue reading My Fitness Journey: Send Help! I’m Struggling

How to Reduce Belly Fat

Here's the blog we've ALL been waiting for! 😉 To make everything simple, I will keep things short, sweet, and straight to the point (see what I did there lol) So...let's get to it, shall we? First thing first... Let me be as clear as possible...You cannot spot reduce. Meaning, you can't pick one area … Continue reading How to Reduce Belly Fat

Exercise For The “Right” Reason

Like healthy food, exercise plays an enormous role in our overall health, our risk of illness, our mental health and happiness, and of course our weight. For some people, exercise comes easily, but for many others, it tends to be a constant struggle. Why is it that some people succeed at physical activity while others … Continue reading Exercise For The “Right” Reason