Christian Woman Must-haves: How to Start an Intimate Relationship with Jesus

I’ve been on a “serious” walk with Jesus for a little over a year now. I say “serious” because there were several times when I tried my hardest (or maybe not) to wake up in the morning before anyone else, spend time with Jesus, and read the Word. Apparently, those times never stuck in the past. Fortunately, things finally began to turn around for me once I implemented the tips that I will be discussing with you down below.

How to Truly Live Your Best Life

If I am being honest, I admit that when I saw those “living my best life” posts, I cringed a little. Seeing someone on a yacht or taking a trip to Italy made me wonder if I wasn’t actually living my best life because my life does not look like theirs. 

Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday?

Now don’t get me wrong, growing up I did participate in the egg hunts and I believe I may have (unwillingly) been a part of the whole “It’s time to buy Easter Sunday dresses.” propaganda. But still, I never understood what this whole day was about. I just knew I was supposed to be in somebody’s church because not doing so would make me look like a huge sinner.