From Lost to Found


A bit of a background story about me… I found an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ May 2017. He accepted me exactly how I came; depressed, numb, hurt, lost, proud, hopeless.

From the outside looking in, I was this happy, optimistic girl who had life figured out, and was always there for others when they needed encouragement.

However, I was sick internally, and didn’t know how I ended up on a psychiatrist’s couch spilling all of my hidden secrets. I just knew I was supposed to be there, and the fact that I was, was the first step to something new.

There wasn’t much thought or preparation before going to God: I just went to Him tired, fed up, and ready for change. I gave Him my (very flawed) heart and had a deep desire to finally seek His face and nature, instead of His hand. Oh, how unprepared was I to witness Him quickly move!

Day by day, layer by layer, God began to show myself to me, while also displaying how deep His love is despite how ugly some parts were. Although some areas He revealed were very tough and embarrassing to face, God never made me feel judged or unwanted. He was always gentle and patient while healing the areas that hurt.

My walk with Jesus hasn’t been perfect; that’s not what He is expecting. He showed me very quickly that He cares deeply about the human heart and desires us to be whole; not broken, beatdown, and defeated. He died to give us new life and to live it abundantly to the fullest.

I’m thankful for the change I decided to make in May 2017. It has truly changed my life completely. God has restored and freed me from bondage (and still isn’t done yet), taught me a new and much better way of living, and has showed me my true identity. That’s something that NO ONE can ever give or take away from me! Thank you, Lord!

I want to inspire YOU to give your life to Christ if you haven’t done so already. Don’t waste any more time living life in sin, especially when you know it’s not bringing you joy. I really desire for every woman to simply say YES to God, and the life He has for you. He’s not asking for much, only that you come as you are with an open hand and willing heart. His way triumphs ALL! Give Him your broken pieces and watch joyfully as He responds by setting you upon holy ground. Let go of any presumption you’ve had about Him by getting to know the one true living God (which you will find in His Word).



I know it’s hard walking with Jesus at times in life, which is why I strongly believe in the importance of being in a community of like-minded, faith-driven, strong women. Women that pray together, STRI(D)E together. As always, if you ever need someone to pray with and for you, or if you simply want to know more about my journey, please feel free to leave your information down below.

Talk soon,

Marie Lewis ♥