You Should Do These 3 Things if You Want Your Husband To Change

There were several times when I created an image of how I wanted him to be, and did everything in my power to put the picture together piece by piece. In my mind, I thought I was being a good wife as I stuffed my selfish attempts down his throat. I even believed doing so nominated me for the "Best Wife" award, hands down. Boy, was I so wrong.

1 Simple Rule to Maintain a Close Relationship With God

Many people shy away from having a close relationship with God. They believe the relationship is too hard, comes with many rules, or that it can't be maintained. But, after trial and error, I have found that this isn't the truth at all. The Only Relationship For The weak At Heart We live in a … Continue reading 1 Simple Rule to Maintain a Close Relationship With God

Christian Woman Must-haves: How to Start an Intimate Relationship with Jesus

I’ve been on a “serious” walk with Jesus for a little over a year now. I say “serious” because there were several times when I tried my hardest (or maybe not) to wake up in the morning before anyone else, spend time with Jesus, and read the Word. Apparently, those times never stuck in the past. Fortunately, things finally began to turn around for me once I implemented the tips that I will be discussing with you down below.

How Clean is Your Cup?

We live in a world where most people are only concerned with how they look on the outside. They buy the most expensive clothing, make sure their make-up is always “slayed” and “on point”, and crave for their outward appearance to be acceptable to the human eye. That is all fine and dandy because I … Continue reading How Clean is Your Cup?

The Chains Are Broken

Bad habits and addictions exist in many different forms; Pornography. Alcoholism. Smoking. Drugs--You name it, it’s there. Many people believe that they can’t stop the bad habit. And many people have tried countless of times. They succeed for a short period of time only for the habit to return sooner than later and become stronger than before.

Everything Will Be Okay

One of the things I have never talked about publicly is my own battle with depression. I was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety. I knew something was wrong, I just ignored it and didn’t want to admit it. I honestly thought I would wake up and everything I felt would disappear.