Old Wives Tales: Was My Baby’s Gender Guessed Correctly?

I am officially 21 weeks pregnant, and after what felt like forever, the time finally came to find out the sex of my baby.

Like many expecting women, I unapologetically Googled “What symptoms give away the sex of my baby?” at least 78 times so far.

(If you’re pregnant and haven’t done this before, then you are either 1.)lying or 2.)missing out on the fun!) #sorrynotsorry 😉

Old wives tales have been around for ages, and can be found online by doing a simple search.

Throughout my investigation, I came across several tales; many of them hit the nail right on the head. Others were just down right ridiculous, to say so myself.

I’m hoping my experience will either give you insight on the gender of your baby or debunk the old wives tales once and for all.

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The investigation

Cold Feet


According to the old wives tales, if your feet are always cold throughout pregnancy, you’re having a boy. If your feet stay warm and toasty, it’s a girl.

For myself personally, my feet were always cold no matter the temperature. Unfortunately, my hubby and kids have been getting the short end of the stick so far; instead of putting on socks like a normal human, I warm my feet on their legs instead.
Boy: 1 Girl: 0



It has been said that if you experience constant heartburn, you are having a girl. I’m sure it’s due to all of her hair. Minimal heartburn? It’s a boy.

In my case this pregnancy, I have only suffered from heartburn less than 5 times.

Honestly, I don’t really see how this symptom is a factor because boys sometimes have hair, too.
Boy: 2 Girl: 0

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Sleeping Position


If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you most likely are having a boy. If you can’t seem to part ways with sleeping on your right side, it’s a girl.

Prior to getting pregnant, I always either slept on my right side or stomach. Did I mention how much I miss sleeping on my stomach!?

As early as 8 weeks, I noticed I began sleeping on my right side the most. I still sleep on my left, but there is just something about sleeping on my right side that feels…right.
Boy: 2 Girl: 1

High or Low

18 weeks 3 days

How a woman carries in the belly is one of the most widespread old wives tales for gender prediction. It’s also one of the most controversial in my opinion.

Many sights say if you carry low, you can expect to have a baby boy. Carrying high? You might have a little precious girl on your hands.

Some days I look like I carry low, and others I seem to be carrying high. Honestly, I really can’t tell.

By looking at the picture above, what do you think? High or low?

Since I’m not too sure, I will call this one a tie.
Boy: 2 Girl:1 Tie: 1

Mood Swings


Recurrent and severe mood swings during pregnancy point to having a girl. If you are mostly pretty pleasant, it’s a boy.

For myself personally, I’ve been pretty smooth sailing during my 21 weeks of pregnancy. I can’t speak for the upcoming third trimester though, lol.
Boy: 3 Girl: 1 Tie: 1

Baby’s Heart Rate


Old wives tales have said that if the baby’s heart rate is over 140 bpm, you have a girl bun cooking in the oven. If it’s under 140 bpm, get ready to welcome a baby boy.

In the very beginning of pregnancy, my baby’s heart rate was 170 bpm. Over time, though, the heart rate has consistently been in the 150’s.
Boy: 3 Girl: 2 Tie: 1

Color of Urine

Photo: eHealthStar

The color of your urine points to your overall health when it comes to hydration, but in pregnancy specifically, according to old wives tales, bright yellow urine points to a girl. If it’s clear, you can expect to have a boy.

In my case? I drink a gallon of water (sometimes more) every day. So of course my urine is more on the clear side. It has nothing to do with the gender of my baby, and I stand firm on this one. So, I find this tale to be ridiculous. Therefore, #issatie.
Boy: 3 Girl: 2 Tie: 2

Morning Sickness


Do you suffer from horrible morning sickness? Old wives tales say you will most likely have a girl. If you face little to no morning sickness, a handsome little boy may be on the way.

For my pregnancy, which I find very surprising, I have only vomited once so far. The one time I was sick, I believe it’s because I didn’t have enough food in my stomach when I took my prenatal vitamin.

Other than that, I have only experienced nausea, which subsided during second trimester. Yay, me! I was sick a lot with my previous pregnancies, so I am lucky to have caught a break.
Boy: 4 Girl: 2 Tie: 2

So…What’s my actual verdict??


To my surprise (not really, because during a trip to the Emergency Room, the ultrasound tech accidently slipped up and said “Let me measure his leg bone.”) I’M HAVING A BABY BOY!

Some women would be upset about the technician’s slip up, but I wasn’t. It actually put my mind at ease while I waited for my 20 week anatomy scan. However, I do think the technician felt a bit bad about accidently telling me my baby’s sex without my consent, because the nurse who tended to me at the hospital tried to cover her tracks by saying “Your baby was moving so much that we couldn’t tell what it is!”…. I knew what it was though, lol!

I had so much fun writing this blog post, and it makes me even more excited that my husband and I are blessed to get what we hoped for all along.

Of course, we would have been grateful regardless of the sex, and the baby would be loved either way, but with two highly energetic girls, we wanted something a little different.

Don’t allow the tales to consume you

All in all, the old wives tales are only facts. In my opinion, of course.

While they are fun to read up on and compare to your pregnancy symptoms, don’t depend on them. Although some may be true, others may be a bit far-fetched.

Enjoy your pregnancy, and remember that you are very blessed regardless of your baby’s gender.

Did you research the old wives tales in your pregnancy? Were they accurate? Or did you debunk the tales by actually having a different gender? Let us know in the comments below!

Best wishes!

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