5 Easy Tips to Have a Fit Pregnancy Throughout All Trimesters

Your ultimate goal when expecting is to have a healthy pregnancy.

But to be one hundred percent honest, this is my first pregnancy where I’ve really sought out to have a healthy 9 months.

With my previous pregnancies, I ate and drank like crap 24/7.

And no, this isn’t an exaggeration.

I didn’t move my body at all, except to walk to and from the car for work, and did the bare minimum when I was working.

It was all disgusting, as I look back on it.

And this is not to pass any judgment on anyone who didn’t or isn’t trying for a healthy pregnancy.

I just realize how much better I could’ve done with everything.

It can all be different

Thankfully, since I embarked my fitness journey in 2015, desiring a healthy pregnancy was a no brainer for me.

Although things were a bit slow a first (thanks, first trimester) I have managed to get into a routine of healthy eating and exercise that is beneficial for the baby and I.

I’m hoping these tips will motivate you to either start a healthy pregnancy journey or inspire you to keep going if you’ve started one already.


Please keep in mind that I am not a professional or doctor.

It’s best to check with your midwife before starting any exercise routines, eating certain foods you aren’t familiar with, etc.

When a woman is pregnant, there shouldn’t be any intentions or plans to lose weight.

Your baby especially needs all the nutrients he/she can get in order to grow and be healthy.

These tips are only to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby, not to lose weight or provide any medical advice.
This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

5 tips to have a healthy pregnancy

  • Find your WHY

As with many things that require time and dedication, having a strong WHY will help you sustain, especially when the going gets tough.

For myself personally, I really desire to feel my best even whilst pregnant.

I know there are many hormones playing a part in how I feel throughout pregnancy, but I also know that I can effect things even more depending on how I feed my body.

I had Preeclampsia during the end of my first pregnancy, so remembering what I went through (all the many tests, bed rest, constant blood pressure monitoring, etc) adds even more fuel to my WHY.

When you have a WHY that makes you want to cry, it will help you keep going when you get off track or lose motivation.

  • Fuel Your Body


The best thing you can do for both you and your baby is eat healthy.

So, no fast or fried food, sweets, or sugary beverages on a regular basis.

I’m not saying you can’t have those foods (the cravings are REAL, I know), but have them in moderation.

Your nutrition should consist of lean protein (Greek yogurt, ground turkey or chicken, green list fish), good carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, steel-cut oatmeal), vegetables (green beans, collard greens, kale), fruit (strawberries, bananas, oranges), and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, low-fat salad dressing).

Not only will eating as healthy as possible give you energy, but will also provide your baby with all the proper nutrients to be strong and healthy inside and out.

Please note: The further along you get in your pregnancy, you will need to adjust your calories accordingly.

  • Hydrate



Drinking enough water daily is one important task that no one on earth should avoid.

Simply put, we need it to survive, for our bodies to run efficiently, and to have overall good health.

But as a woman who is expecting, you especially need more of it.

Pregnancy and lack of water consumption can lead to dehydration, UTI’s, yeast infections, tiredness, and much more.

Your body needs to be flushed out throughout the day in order for it to be well hydrated and run properly for both you and baby.

Need motivation to DRINK UP? Check out the motivational water bottle that ensures you reach your goal.

  • Move your body


Exercise is a great way to improve your heart health, strengthen your bones and muscles, and helps you look and feel good.

There’s no wonder why doctors recommend pregnant women to do some sort of light exercise 3-5 days a week, 30-45 minutes a day.

Moving your body during pregnancy will help combat fatigue, tone muscle, give you energy and prepare you for birth.

As stated above, please consult a physician before starting any workout programs to ensure safety for you and your baby.

My personal workout fave is Body Fit by Amy. She is passionate about helping expecting women have a healthy pregnancy.

Amy provides many modifications to fit your needs and has a workout geared toward each trimester.

  • Find your tribe


“Everything is better with a friend.”

You get brownie points if Barney, the purple dinosaur, came to mind 🙂

Having a support system (significant other, friend, or someone who is on this pregnancy journey with you) is a good way to help you stay on track with your goals.

I don’t have any friends who are pregnant with me, so I found a couple of Facebook pregnancy groups to join.

There is a lot of support found there, women ask questions, and everyone is there for one another in a positive way.

Knowing that there are other women in the same boat as me helps me stay accountable on my healthy pregnancy journey.

I hope you will find the same.

If you are looking for support, feel free to add me on Instagram: @flourishedwoman_

Let’s stay healthy together!

Don’t give up

Having a healthy pregnancy isn’t the easiest thing to do.

If it was, everyone in the world would be doing it.

It’s completely possible to eat healthy, drink water, and move your body throughout your entire pregnancy when you remember why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for.

I’m rooting for you!


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