First Trimester Update

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Currently, I am 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Just reading those words put me in shock, because this pregnancy is flying by so far.

Many women would be excited to have things go by fast, but being that this will be baby #3 for me, I’m hoping things slow down a bit.

I wanted to do an update about 2 weeks ago, but hey, better late than never, right?

Weeks 6-12 Update

Excuse the super old scarf, I had jut got done with exercising. The realness is REAL, lol!

Morning sickness: Within my first trimester, I only threw up ONCE! And the one time I did puke, I think it was a result in taking my prenatal vitamins with barely any food in my stomach.

But other than that one time, I haven’t experienced vomiting. However, I was nauseas like crazy! It seemed like every evening I had to drink Ginger Ale just to feel at ease.

So, morning all the way until around 7ish, I felt fine. But after that, it was wrap– sick city! Somebody come get this baby, because he/she is already acting up! 🙂

Sidenote: I hope this lack of morning sickness means I’m having a boy! When I was pregnant with both of my girls’, I threw up a lot. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Other symptoms: Other than feeling super lazy and fatigued, my pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing thus far.

There were many days I felt so tired to the point of laying down all day, and other days I questioned if I was actually pregnant.

There was even a week where it seemed like all my pregnancy symptoms disappeared.

That may sound magical to some of you, but for me, I was freaking out!

I even took another pregnancy test before my 9 week appt just to make sure I was still pregnant. Talk about different! All is well though.

Frequent headaches, vaginal discharge, bigger breast, increased saliva, shortness of breath, and indigestion are all things I experienced within my first trimester as well.

Cravings: I haven’t had any weird, off the wall cravings. I’ve mainly been wanting good, home cooked, salty foods.

With my last two pregnancies, I can recall having an absolute NEED for peanut butter sandwiches (1st pregnancy) and red beans and rice from Popeyes (2nd pregnancy.) Like, I literally had to have it every single day for my entire pregnancy, smh.

With this baby, the only thing I can say I had a huge need for was some homemade nachos!

My husband makes THE BEST nachos ever, so I had no shame in making him rush home from work just to cook it for me. Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy them the way I envisioned it because I was nauseas by the time it was done. I was BIG MAD!

Other small cravings: Slushies, fruity juices, cereal, sour patch straws, crinkle cut French fries with seasoning salt, and buffalo wing sauce.

Belly: My belly has of course been growing in size, but thankfully it hasn’t been growing in stretch marks yet. I have enough as it is already!

I’ve been experiencing a bit of itchiness (I’ve been using this lotion to help) and got my Linea Nigra (the dark line women get on their stomach) very early. This was one of the early symptoms which made me wonder if I was pregnant.

Fitness: I had no energy whatsoever to exercise during the first 7-8 weeks.

So you know I am super excited to be exercising now that I am feeling better and more alive.


I haven’t been doing anything strenuous (I miss HIIT!) or lifting too many weights.

I’ve mainly been sticking with Body Fit by Amy’s prenatal workout; they are so helpful! She is very passionate about helping expecting women move their bodies for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

It’s weird not having any real fitness goals as far as weight loss, but it’s also beneficial because now is the perfect time for me to focus on eating healthy to feel good.

I no longer move to lose, but I move to increase my lifespan, keep my heart healthy, and prepare my body for birth.

It was a bit weird exercising at first because I was super cautious of hurting the baby even though my OB told me it was perfectly fine, especially since I was pretty active before pregnancy.

I’m still very mindful during my workout now, but I have increased the intensity a bit without feeling exhausted afterwards.


9 week ultrasound

In conclusion, I’ve had a pretty good first trimester. Baby L is doing great, has a strong heart beat, and I can already feel movement (gasp!) I read that if you have been pregnant more than once, you can feel slight movement as early as 12 weeks.

Stay tuned for my second trimester and other updates!


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