1 Simple Rule to Maintain a Close Relationship With God

Many people shy away from having a close relationship with God.

They believe the relationship is too hard, comes with many rules, or that it can’t be maintained.

But, after trial and error, I have found that this isn’t the truth at all.

The Only Relationship For The weak At Heart

We live in a world where being tough and strong mentally is looked highly upon.

And if you are anything but, you are seen as weak and feeble.

It’s no wonder why many people believe they should go to God with the same persona.

But to be completely honest with you; this isn’t what God desires.

Just as a mother wants her child to come to her with what’s bothering them, how they feel, why they feel the way they do, etc.

The same thing applies with our Father in Heaven.

He already sees those broken areas that you try to hide.

He is aware of what hurts.

He can sense your pain no matter how much toughness you try to wear day in and day out.

So why not go to Him and spill what’s on your heart..?

You won’t be seen as weak by letting Him in on your true feelings.

Because in Him, you are made strong. (2 Cor 12:9-11) paraphrased

When I started being REAL with God, I allowed Him to help me.

I’ve been on a serious walk with God for a little over a year.

But over the last few months I can admit our relationship has deepened.

I know God was always waiting for us to get where we are right now (which still has plenty room for growth), but I’ll be honest by saying I delayed it.

I picked up a bad habit of keeping my emotions bottled inside and pretending I’m doing fine.

But I have learned over time that this habit doesn’t get me anywhere when it comes to being healed and helped by God.

As I stated above, God already knows what bothers His children and can see how we truly feel no matter how much we front.

Unfortunately, I was too stubborn to let Him in my heart at the time.

God will only meet you where you allow Him to go.

I slowly started to let God in– ALL the way in.

When I feel anxious, I tell Him.

Depressed? I go to Him.

Overwhelmed? I run to Him.

I tell Him exactly how I feel straight up and hold nothing back– tears and all!

I never imagined what I would receive in return.

Each and every time I go to Him, it’s like a big weight is lifted off my shoulders.

I feel complete again as He restores my strength unlimitlessly.

I used to think God would see me as weak if I told Him how I honestly felt.

But again, God encourages us to come to Him AS IS and He will help; (weak, tired, frustrated, upset) Psalm 46:1-3, Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 9:9-10, Psalm 34:17

His Help Is For Everybody

I want to encourage you to go to God with each and every emotion.

Just as I had to, we have to get passed only going to Him when we’re happy or need a prayer answered.

Just as He helps me, I know for sure He will do the same for you.

Open your heart to Him, let Him in, and watch as He strengthens and supports you.

He welcomes those weak areas and sees them as beautiful, too.



59 thoughts on “1 Simple Rule to Maintain a Close Relationship With God

  1. Its incredible to see what God has done for me when I allowed him to be in his rightful place in my life. This post is motivating and a great reminder to seek Him in all we do.


  2. Will definitely be passing this on to my mother in law who I know has been struggling with this lately. I’ve had no idea what to tell her but this seems like the kind of advice that she could use right now. Thanks!


  3. I am not a Christian but I went to Catholic convent schools since primary and high school. Our principal is a nun and make us pray everyday before going to our class. I think to have close relationship with our god and make us stronger.


    1. I’m in awe of how many people this post has touched! Praise God for it ALL! Many people believe God doesn’t have time to be in every aspect of their life, but that’s far from the truth. I want women to realize that He cares about every single detail, and He wants nothing more than to help!


  4. I don’t practice religion, but it’s nice to hear that people have a connection like this. I have overcame a lot in my life and I consider myself a very positive and happy person. The world can be so negative lately, it’s nice to hear positive thoughts.


  5. I definitely am a believer in letting go and letting God. Trusting in him definitely helps you through the most difficult times. Thanks for this reminder. God Bless.


  6. This is such a great post of how to just let go and let God. There are so many times when I also feel so anxious or even so lost & I know that He is there watching over me.


    1. You are right, Rose. I had to learn that the hard way after years of bottling my emotions. But God will definitely restore as we allow Him and guide us through life abundantly. So glad you have witnessed His love!


  7. I am Catholic, and I believe in God, but sometimes it is a struggle to feel his presence especially when you are having trouble. You have inspired me in a very difficult time.


  8. I don’t adhere to any religion and instead believe in the power of nature and energy that combines us all. If only more realized that we are all on this crazy journey together, and are more alike than we think the world would be a much happier place!


  9. We can earn god’s love by our good behaviour. Yes god loves us and want us to have a personal relationship with him. We are totally hooked on to your blog. No wonder we are coming back again and again for more info.


  10. I am not a religious person. I can’t see how something we don’t know it exist can help our lives. I do understand the need of religion, but I am not a believer.


  11. This is such a great post, especially for those who are looking at getting back into their faith or even just starting. Turning to God in times of hardship is something that can really help mend the heart. Thanks for sharing!


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