Creme of Nature Edge Control & 4C Hair: Is It Worth The Buy? (Pictures Included)



My daughter has 4C natural hair. If I had to describe her hair in words, it would be beautiful, coily, coarse, and a bit (or a lot) unruly. It’s so beautiful and different though, which brings me to my love/hate relationship with it.

Finding a good hair product that can actually tame her edges has been a quest for sure. We have tried many different well- known gels over the years, but they never delivered the results we were looking for.

I found it strange that each time I went to the beauty supply store and laid my eyes on Creme of Nature Edge Control, it was as if something in my mind always urged me to buy it.

But being that I am sorta stubborn and like to stick with what I know, I always decided against it.

I don’t know what was going through my mind the day I finally gave in and bought it; (maybe it was a Friday?) But boy, am I glad I did!

Please note: This review is coming from a genuine place. I am not getting commission for my opinion. I honestly love that this product has been a game changer for my daughter, and wanted to rave about it 🙂


Argan Oil from Morocco


Being that the edge control is made with Argan oil made the purchase easier.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve experimented with different oils on my daughter’s 4C hair. Coconut oil and grapeseed to be exact. But after trial and error, I find Argan oil has made her hair thrive over the last several months and it stays in her hair for days at a time. And did I mention the smell is addicting? Besides the several benefits, there is a reason why they call it liquid gold.


Does it Hold Up To It’s Name?

I’m not new to the Creme of Nature line, so I wasn’t surprised to see “Perfect Hold, Exotic Shine™ & Makes Hair Stronger” on the box. You will see that on each of their products.

But I was a little skeptical about the perfect hold, and whether it would actually lay my daughter’s edges down and not be dried up or flaky by the time she came home from school.

My first experience with this gel was one that I can’t even put in words. My mouth literally dropped when I saw how well her edges were being laid. And the fact that I didn’t have to use much (I learned that less is more) is a major plus.

Not only did her edges look extremely similar to the hair model on the box, but it was super shiny, didn’t flake at all, and lasted all day! I know it’s not my hair, but seeing my daughter’s edges looking better than it ever has (with NO breakage) was so exciting for me. This product has really put my mind at ease when it comes to doing my daughter’s hair daily.

Can somebody say, “Mom, win!”?



  • Superior hold
  • Doesn’t flake
  • Great smell
  • Lasts all day
  • No caused breakage/thinning to edges
  • Hair shine
  • No frizz once dry


  • Price
  • Small ounce container (I wish it was sold in a bigger size)



I’ve read a few reviews from other natural women stating the edge control doesn’t work well for them or either they had to tie their hair down with a satin scarf for several minutes in order for the edge control to actually hold in place.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case for my daughter’s hair. I can simply apply, brush, and keep it movin’.

I do suggest that you try the product for yourself. I recommend doing that because I know for a fact that if I would have read the reviews before buying, I wouldn’t have tried the product for myself.

Reviews are everything nowadays, I know, but just keep in mind “different strokes for different folks.”

Creme of Nature edge control can be found at your local beauty supply store or grocery store for about $5.


2 thoughts on “Creme of Nature Edge Control & 4C Hair: Is It Worth The Buy? (Pictures Included)

  1. Miss Lady Marie!! I am loving your new website! I remember reading your fitness posts some time last year so I am glad to see you’ve picked it back up


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