How to Truly Live Your Best Life

I don’t know if it is just me, but I’ve been seeing a lot of “Living my best life” captions on social media posted underneath beautiful photos such as the beach, kayaking, dinner at an expensive restaurant, and many other luxurious pictures.

Tell me I’m not the only one, and that you’ve seen it too 😀

With the suicide rate at an all time high right now, I have also ‘liked’ plenty of posts that were being a helping hand to individuals who suffer from mental illness behind closed doors, in silence.

Although the spectrum to not battle mental illness alone is being covered, I realize and want to pin point the other side of things. The side that is so often lightly talked about, yet so often overlooked.

If I am being honest, I admit that when I saw those “living my best life” posts, I cringed a little. Seeing someone on a yacht or taking a trip to Italy made me wonder if I wasn’t actually living my best life because my life does not look like theirs. I mean, be honest, have you ever witness someone type “living my best life” under a photo taken of their kids at the park, which they’ve visited for the 3rd time this week? Yeah, didn’t think so.

And to be even more honest, if you aren’t careful enough not to get sucked in their “highlight reel”, it can lead to anxiety, depression, feeling hopeless, worthless, etc.

Although, I am not perfect, through trial and error I have figured out a few tips which help me stand my ground of contentment whenever I come across those “My life is so great, what about yours” posts. I’m hoping some (if not all) will help you do the same.

  • A picture doesn’t tell the whole story

When you are scrolling through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and come across someone’s page whose life seems “too good to be true” then chances are, they are only showing their highlight reel. Meaning, the only posts that make it to their page are the ones that display the high moments of their life.

So no, you don’t see them being angry on the side of the highway waiting for Roadside to tow them away. You don’t see them yelling at their kids for the umpteenth time for the day. You won’t witness the argument they’ve had with their boyfriend for the 5th time this week. And you definitely don’t see the moments they cry at night, just tired of it all.

I bet that perspective change made things feel a little better for you, amirite? Awesome! Be sure to keep these things in mind as often as possible as you remember that a picture doesn’t tell the whole story. Or in this case, a “perfect” social media page doesn’t spill all the tea behind someone’s life.

  • You are freakin’ amazing

Notice that I didn’t say your “life” is freakin’ amazing. I said YOU.
It is easy to believe someone is simply amazing by looking at their well- put together social media page filled with wonderful out of the country posts, all-paid trips to Cancun for hitting ranks in their business, and make-up forever “slayed” and “on point”.
But don’t get it twisted! Moments displayed with a filtered picture has nothing to do with who a person is. Nor should it make you question your own self-worth.

Truth is you don’t need a fancy life, or someone else’s life for that matter, to feel important. You are unique. Your voice matters. YOU matter. And the world wouldn’t be the same without you in it. So own it!

  • Contentment goes a long way

I said this before, but I will say it again for those of you who didn’t get it the first time—you do not need a special title in order to enjoy the life you have right now! Of course, you may not be where you would like to be or you may even hate your job, but still! Be thankful for who you are, what you have, and accept your situation as is.

Just as seasons change, the same applies for yourself and your circumstance. Where you are right now can change in a matter of a day. And God forbid that change be something worse off than how you thought things were. It can be so bad that your current situation may begin to look not so bad after all.

Of course I am exaggerating a bit, but hey, it could happen. I’m just trying to paint the picture of contentment. Enjoy every single moment of your life—good and bad—and take nothing for granted.

  • Hit that unfollow button

I am so thankful for the unfollow, block, and delete option! Like seriously, where would I be without it!? Some place hiding under a rock, that’s where!

If you haven’t done so already, browse through the list of people you follow. If you come across someone’s profile that makes you feel less than, unimportant, or your life has no value, UNFOLLOW THEM! (yes, the caps, boldness, and italic was highly necessary!) For real though! Life is already hard enough as it is, you don’t need anything or anyone else (especially from someone you probably don’t even know in real life) to add to that.

For myself personally, I choose to follow people who add value to my life, not take away from it. Those who don’t fall in that category…BYE!! Exit stage right, please!

And if you are wondering, just because you unfollow someone does not mean you are jealous of them. It simply means that they were portraying a life that shouts perfection and you don’t like it. The end. No one should feel worthless just by looking at someone’s profile page.

There is a difference between someone sharing the highs of their life but also let people know they are human and go through things just as you do. They don’t have to share their whole life on social media (I wouldn’t do it either) but no one should make it seem as though life is peachy all the time. That’s not realistic at all.
So save yourself the headache and unfollow, and do so freely.

  • Your best life is TODAY

You don’t have to be on a vacation or win the lottery to say you are living your best life. I’m not sure why or where that perspective that many people have these days came from, but it is far from the truth. Your best life is today, right now as you are reading this blog. Not when you get a better job, not when you earn multiple sources of incomes, not when you get married, and not when you get your first house. NOW!

We should all strive to not only make every day count, but also live each day with intentional enjoyment. You won’t ever get another “today” so do your best to live it up no matter what anyone says or thinks!

Living my best life daily,
Marie Lewis ♥


5 thoughts on “How to Truly Live Your Best Life

  1. I can truly say, I’m living my best life ever! Wanna know why? Here it goes. My oldest daughter and I aren’t speaking. I never would have thought in a MILLION…SHOOT BILLION YEARS this would come to pass. Well…not like this anyway. I’ve never nor will I ever be disrespectful to my parents or let someone else. She takes the side of a boy…I DO MEAN BOY! I was heart broken with great disbelief. I know for a fact! MY GOD Will fix this. I prayed, fast and gave her over to the Lord. That’s all that I can do. My heart goes out to her, deeply. There’s waay more to the story but I’m gonna leave you with this. I can’t nor will I ever be consumed with the negativity of unhappy, inner hurtful people. The distractions of my daughter, kids, people, husband…He didn’t do anything. Just saying and social media. It will drain the LIVING FREAK’n HELL out of you…
    LITERALLY!! All problems and situations I have NO CONTROL over. I give them straight to the Lord/God. Mind you… after I’ve cried, stressed and wracked my brain about it…headache! It’s not easy turning things over to God. It takes GREAT INNER STRENGTH to do so. I’m a firm believer and doer of fasting, praying and BELIEVING! He knows all and sees all. He says, “Be ye transformed not by the renew of your spirit but by the renewing of your mind”. Strengthen your mind and heart so that they and your spirit can be on one accord. Everyone is facing a demonic battle. Question is…Will you and are you STRONG enough. To let God fight your battles for you? Blessings.


    1. So glad God gives the strength for us to go through hard things. As you said, our Spirit is already strengthened, it’s our mind that needs constant work to be on one accord. I’m praying with you for restoration of you and your daughter’s relationship. Trust me, she will come around. Until then, continue doing what you are doing by praying, fasting, listening, and waiting for the Lord. He has it ALL figured out no matter the outcome or time passed ❤️


  2. Marie. I meant to say, I’m living my best life in knowing. God is in control of my situations. Not the whole “best life ever” media shenanigans…So not understanding or into that saying. My daughter told me that a couple of weeks ago. When she got back from Mexico. She said I was stopping her from, “living her best life ever”, when she tried it!!…I do me tried it! Thinking I was going to also pay for her to go to the Dominican Republic… IN JULY!…side eyed her azz. I told her. People who …”live their best lives”. Pay with their OWN MONEY! :-$. I’m so not fooled by the phrase. My best life is waking up seeing my family, roof over our heads and still breathing. Ya heard meh!


  3. You are so inspiring! I love reading your blog! There’s so much peace, correction, integrity, hope and love in your messages. Thank you for sharing. Love you my sister! ❤


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