Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday?

Today was the first year that I was truly able to understand and celebrate Resurrection day. To say the least, it was nothing short of astounding.

I started “Easter Sunday” off with a thankful heart. For some odd reason, before I was even able to set foot out of bed, my heart exploded with gratefulness. I had the same giddy feeling that I used to get years ago as a little girl early Christmas morning. I won’t lie, I am not the type who usually wakes up feeling grumpy. I actually feel pretty good and so darn thankful when my eyes open in the morning. But this morning, felt different.

Since my husband was already gone for work, I awakened to my two minion princesses lying in the spot where his body normally is. Immediately and unthoughtfully, I wished them a Happy Resurrection day. I mean, seriously, at this point I wondered what was really going on with me because my heart was leaping with so much unexplainable joy. And there was that thankfulness feeling again too, but it was intensified.

To be honest, I am not the type of person who will wish others a Happy Easter day. And this was the case even before I got serious on my walk with Jesus. Of course, I may have said it a couple of times here and there in the past, but doing so always felt…out of place, awkward. It just never sat well with me because I never understood what the holiday was about. The whole bunny and eggs thing just didn’t register, and it still doesn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, growing up I did participate in the egg hunts and I believe I may have (unwillingly) been a part of the whole “It’s time to buy Easter Sunday dresses.” propaganda. But still, I never understood what this whole day was about. I just knew I was supposed to be in somebody’s church because not doing so would make me look like a huge sinner. This cycle continued for many, many years, unfortunately.

Again, if this is your way of celebrating today, that’s fine. I am never, and never will be the type to judge others for their way of doing things. Simply because I understand that everyone has some sort of tradition—whether it is in the family or individually. But, I will say this; as for me and my home, this day– Resurrection Day– will be a day to serve and praise the good Lord.

I usually start my mornings in my office for some quiet time, but this morning I had my almost 9-year-old daughter grab their Bible stories book. I was determined to start our morning on the right foot, in the right light. I read and explained to my kids the story behind “He is Risen”.

My oldest daughter is pretty familiar with the story, but to see how in tune and concentrated my 4-year-old was (as if today was her first time ever hearing the story), brought much joy and touched my heart. I enjoyed reading the story to her and watching everything sink into her growing mind. I secretly prayed that my words were planted on good soil and would bear good fruit one day.

As we prayed, worshiped, and spoke on Jesus’ glorious sacrifice, I realized for the first year ever that today isn’t just about Easter egg hunts, good food, the Easter bunny or April Fools. You may beg to differ, but it means so much more than that.

Today, my dear friend is the day when Jesus rose to LIFE! It’s the day where Jesus arose with OUR FREEDOM in His hands. It’s the moment in history where death was arrested and our life began. Okay, okay, I’ve been listening to the song “Death Was Arrested” by North Point InsideOut way too much these days, lol. But on a for real note, today should be celebrated with the right intention.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the whole Easter day festivities, but at the same time, the real reason for today should never leave your mind. In fact, it should be at the forefront of your brain for the whole day and as often as possible.

So, go ahead and eat good food, laugh a lot, PRAISE God, and fill your day with lots of love. Because I seriously believe that is what’s going on today in Heaven, anyway. What joy would that be to celebrate Jesus with Jesus, God, and beautiful angels!? Call me crazy, but I seriously pondered on the thought for a good 5 minutes earlier today. The thought brought me so many positive vibes. And if I had to take a wild guess, I am sure the same effect would happen for you, too 🙂

With love and ample gratefulness,

Marie Lewis ♥


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