The YOLO Mentality is Ruining Your Life 


You Only Live Once. (As if I really need to explain what that acronym means.) LOL!

One of the things I can never wrap my mind around is hearing people say, “Well, if it’s my time to go, it’s my time.” But, I beg to differ. I can’t help but think about people who may have passed away prematurely.

My thoughts are this; what if you’re supposed to live until 88 years of age but you cut that lifespan in half by digging your own ditch? What if the time you think is God’s time, is really not the right time at all? What if you are creating that time for yourself?

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe God calls people home when it’s their time. But, I also believe some people are making that time come a lot sooner than it should by using “YOLO” to explain their careless behavior. They use it as an excuse to eat whatever they want and whenever they want it, drink as much alcohol than they should, get strung out on drugs, and treat people like crap.

God has called for us to live an abundant life (John 10:10). But, how are we supposed to live out that destiny if we choose not to deny ourselves of every pleasure we feel as though we are entitled to?

I read in the bible that everything is permissible, but everything isn’t beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23). In short, just because you are free to drink alcohol, smoke weed, do drugs, have premarital sex, etc. does not mean it will benefit you. In fact, all of those worldly pleasures come with a consequence. A consequence that may be keeping you from reaching your full potential in life.

God has also called us to have a well-balanced lifestyle (Proverbs 11:1). Not just in one area, but in all areas. He wants us to take care of our bodies inside and out. Why, you may ask? Well, you see, God has a specific plan for everyone on Earth, but He knows you must be healthy and well in order to live out that destiny. How can we walk down the specific path He has placed before us if we are out of balance in every single way imaginable?

When we live unbalanced lives, it gives the enemy a foothold opportunity to wreck havoc. This is the very thing that Jesus carefully instructs us NOT to do. (Ephesians 4:27)

We must learn how to take care of ourselves now, while we are still here, instead of waiting until the last minute wishing we did so sooner. This means to; get the proper sleep you need, eat as healthy as God calls you to, move your body as an active way of worship, do good for others, and take care of that precious soul of yours in order to be healthy mentally and spiritually.

Being drunk is fun at times, I get it. But unfortunately, for some people, those couple of nights of drinking per week can turn into a full-blown addiction. An addiction that isn’t of God, might I add. And remember that opportunity from the enemy I was talking about? Just imagine all the damage that can be done to a person in the long run if they constantly neglect a balanced lifestyle.

I know we are humans with a fleshly desire for pleasure, but we must learn how to deny ourselves of certain things–especially those very things that bring more harm than good.

I want to encourage you, my lovely reader, to turn down that drink, put down that cigarette, and say no to another night of binging. Do whatever needs to be done, (with God’s help of course) in order to have life, and have it to the full!

The struggle to deny ourselves may be painful in the moment, but the process is working out something magnificent within us. -Unknown

With Love,

Marie Lewis ♥


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