Righteous Success

What does a person have to do or accomplish in order to be deemed successful? As a matter of fact, what does success mean to you? Is it the fancy clothes, foreign or new car, always having the latest apparel, or the “important” job title that everyone wants? Before you continue reading, I highly suggest that you think about that question for a moment; what does success mean to you?

In the meantime, I will give my definition of success. But please note: I am only stating my point of view, which may or may not differ from your point. So, in the midst of reading this blog, keep in mind that my goal isn’t to belittle anyone who will agree to disagree 🙂
Personally, I don’t only consider material items or accomplishments that can only be seen by others as success. I believe true success cannot always be seen or witnessed— it is the type of success that most people overlook and sometimes frown upon. I call it righteous success, and most of the time it can only truly be seen and congratulated by God.

Allow me to further explain; When a woman (or anyone for the matter) has everything she ever dreamed of—the car, fame, money, friends, luxurious home, and all the shoes she could ever imagine—but is also internally broken with a plastered fake smile, I don’t consider that as success. Call me crazy, but I don’t. Just hear me out for a second though.

There are plenty of people who have all these nice things and are deemed very successful, yet they are very miserable on the inside. Either they are battling depression, don’t like who they are, or overall have a bad case of self-hatred.

Now, I am not sure specifically of what people go through behind closed doors, but God has made it very clear to me that people are at war with themselves internally. Internally, they are sick with fear, sadness, hopelessness, depression, hatred, and hurt.

They are looked at as successful from the outside looking in, but if you knew what they were battling with internally and spiritually, would you honestly have the same opinion about them? Nine times out of ten, your entire view would change and you would say their life is in shambles. So, why then, do we base success only on materials that can be seen or things we place on a pedestal, and choose to ignore the cry of our inner being?

You may wonder why I call it righteous success. When God placed the title and this blog post on my heart, I wondered the same thing. But as I continued to ponder, His reasoning became clearer; God doesn’t want us to walk around thinking we have it all together externally but feel like we are dying internally, in secret. He wants us to have life and have it to the full until it is overflowing (John 10:10). He wants His children to have success the RIGHTeous way, which is filled with hope, peace, and acceptance of self. It is the type of success that allows you to truly enjoy life regardless of circumstance.

Life is more than just accomplishing “can be seen” goals. Life is about breaking down the walls of rejection, hurt, past mistakes, regrets, etc. Life is more meaningful (and might I add, successful) when you can look at your reflection and genuinely love who you are—scars and all. It is about facing those ‘secrets’ you have hid deep within your heart head on so you can finally be healed and set free to live life abundantly. Bondage is so real, and it’s easy to get trapped in those chains. But you don’t have to be a victim any longer.

I encourage you, my dear reader, to not only take your mind off of outwardly success which can only be seen by the world, but to strive for righteous success. That way, you will be set free and still feel as though you are on top even if things aren’t looking so extravagant from the outside looking in. And trust me, life is a whole lot more worth living that way 🙂

-Marie Lewis ♥

When all is said and done, success without happiness is the worst kind of failure.” -Unknown


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