He Equips the Called

What are you called to do? Do you believe it to come to pass? Or do you think it is entirely too big of a task to accomplish? Whatever the case, keep in mind that God doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips the called. Meaning, he doesn’t call you to do something you are already capable of doing. Most of the time, He calls us to do something that is entirely too big to do on our own, in our own strength. What he calls us to do is always something that will benefit others and bring glory to God. Have you found what that something is? If you haven’t, don’t stress over it because God is able to reveal it to you—sometimes overnight and supernaturally.
Take Apostle Paul for example. Everyone remembers who Paul was before he began to walk in his purpose. He was a sinner at heart; a man who hated everyone that believed in Jesus so much that his main goal was to kill them and lock them in chains. Although he was considered a bad man to the human eye, God saw the good in Paul and knew the plans He had for him. At the time, those plans seemed too big for a sinner to accomplish, but God knew what he was doing and who he was working with. Instead of focusing on Paul’s flaws, He instead focused on what was DEEP inside of him. Those things were waiting to be brought out by the Lord in order to bring glory to His name.
To humans, Paul was nowhere near equipped to preach the Good News. In fact, a lot of people were shocked to see him doing such a thing. And some people even said “Isn’t this the same man who caused such devastation among Jesus’ followers in Jerusalem?” (Acts 9:21) Although they said these things, they didn’t yet see or realize that once God has called you to do something; no one can take it away from you. I am sure that Paul doubted himself of what he was doing, yet he still continued his ministry because God equipped him to do it. Please understand this: what Paul did could not be done in his own strength or effort. It was because of the Holy Spirit that he was able to bring so much glory to God by preaching in his name and getting many others to become a believer.
So, you may think that what God has called you to do is too big. And some may even question if God would actually call you to do something so great—but don’t! Don’t doubt what God has called you to do because like I said before, He will equip and shape you to do it because it is already DEEP inside of you waiting to be brought out. When this happens, past failures, the naysayers, incapability’s, and sins from the past no longer matter. When you focus too much on those things, they only hold you back from what you are destined for. Allow God to shape and mold you. Allow God to change you into the person He wants you to be in order to bring glory to His name. You are HIGHLY able and capable through Him. What man says is impossible, God can turn into possible! Trust, believe, and LET GOD!


5 thoughts on “He Equips the Called

  1. AMEN!!! God has imparted a GIFT in all of us. We must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal, guide and order our steps towards it. It’s always something one is passionate about and love to do. Great Blog!!


  2. So proud of my niece, Marie. God is truly using you in the gift you’ve found through Him. Thank you for your encouraging words that’s truly a blessing to anyone who takes heed. Praise God for Love he shows us each and every day.
    Love you,
    Auntie Frances


    1. He definitely will! I have found that your calling is normally something you are passionate about–something that you seem to gravitate towards. God will also confirm this during study with Him or he sometimes will send other people to confirm it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by girl!


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