7 Ways to Mom Like a Boss 

Breast feed? Don’t breast feed? Pacifier? No pacifier? Let them co-sleep? Or put them in their crib from the start? There are so many viewpoints and disagreements when it comes to motherhood, but if there is one thing that all moms can agree on is…mommin’ is hard work! Below, I will list 7 tips that has helped me become a mom boss (or so I like to think LOL) over the last seven years of my motherhood journey. I’m hoping it will help you, too. 🙂

1. Wake up before they do


This is an important tip (if not the most important out of the whole list). Waking up before your kid(s) makes a world of a difference. Trust me, I’ve experimented.

If your kids are anything like mine, the talking and bickering starts at the crack of dawn. So, how do you expect to get anything done with a positive mood if you and your baby are waking up at the same time?! Doesn’t sound possible, does it? (And if it is possible, please share the deets with a sis!)

I don’t know about you, but it takes me a good 45 minutes at least to fully wakeup and be prepared to adult 🙈 Personally, I have to get myself up 2 hours before my girls to focus on me, myself, and I. It is the only moment I get to pour into my spiritual cup– it’s sacred. I use the full 2 hours to spend time in the Lord’s presence, journal, listen to worship music, read my Word, exercise, and watch a couple of YouTube videos if time permits.

Now I’m not saying you have to do the things I do, or even wake up 2 hours in advance for that matter. But I do strongly suggest that you take some quiet, uninterrupted time to pour into yourself before the kids wake up and cause havoc LOL! Your future self will indeed thank you.

2. Prepare lunches/bags/clothes/etc. the night before

Imagine waking up at the same time as your kid(s) while still having lunches, bags, and clothes to prepare for the day. Sounds hectic, right?

But you may say, “Well, my kids and I wake up pretty early which allows me enough time to prepare for the day.” Which is great! But imagine the time you will save by getting everything packed and ready to go the night before. You can use that extra 15+ minutes to read your bible, do a quick HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout, or prepare a healthy and hearty meal instead of the usual cereal or fast food.


3. Declutter

If you didn’t know– Decluttering your home will save yo’ life and help you become a less stressed mama. Doing so was definitely a lifesaver for me! I do realize this tip may or may not apply to you, so please keep in mind that I am only speaking for myself as I share my experience with clutter;

If I invited you to my home two months ago, you would have said it looked neat and tidy. But if you just so happened to look for more tissue under the bathroom cabinet–honey, you would have ran out of my home–quick! The same applied for the cabinet under the kitchen sink, the drawers, me and the kids bedroom closet, my office closet, etc. In short, I had A LOT of hidden MESS!

This wasn’t the type of mess that was easy to ignore, either. No, it was the type of mess that brought a lot of stress every single time I saw it. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Now add that stress with 3 other people who are constantly contributing more clutter–one word–disaster!

It took me a few days to clear out everything that had been neglected for YEARS, but trust me when I say it was worth it. I no longer feel stressed when it comes to the cleanness of my home. I can clean up and feel satisfied, which in return helps me to be a better mom AKA the less stress, the better.

If my dilemma sounds familiar, you may also want to declutter your home, car, office, etc. I won’t go into a full step by step of how to declutter your home because only you know what needs to be cleaned out. However, I do suggest that you start out small, and complete room by room until the task is complete.

4. Make To-Do Lists


Ahh, the trusty to-do lists. Just hearing that word brings so much comfort to my soul. As I think about the days without one, I wonder how I even managed. Yea, it’s that serious.

Being a stay-at-home mom requires me to be on my feet majority of the day. I have to cook, clean, wash and style 2 heads of hair, pay bills while the hubby is at work, and run many errands throughout the week. Add all of those chores on top of doctor/dentist appointments, activities for the kiddos, and fitting in time for the hubby and time for myself. It may not sound like a lot but trust me–some days (before I started my handy, dandy to-do list) I felt like a turkey with its head cut off.

Every morning before my girls wake up, I sit in my office and plan out my day. I write down all the things I want to accomplish. My list usually includes house chores, exercise, things I need to get done that include the girls, things I have to remind my hubby of, and I even go as far as jotting down personal care for myself (wash hair, shave, facials, read etc..) Again, it’s that serious. If I don’t write it down, I set myself up for failure by trying to remember everything mentally…YIKES!

I encourage you moms to try a to-do list yourself. It will help you feel more organized and your days will be less hectic. Get a small notepad and jot down everything you want to get done for the day. Before bedtime, you will feel so good that you got everything accomplished. And it may just be me but there is something so satisfying about crossing off items on my to-do list. I be like, “Oh, you got everything done on that long list today despite feeling stressed?! Yaassss!!” 😀

5. Create a schedule

I know some of you corporate moms are rolling your eyes right now thinking, “This woman is crazy if she’s suggesting me to have a schedule for my kiddos when I follow a schedule all day at work!”

Crazy? Not at all. Wise? …a little bit LOL.

I said it earlier and I will say it again– creating a schedule for your kids will SAVE YO’ LIFE and help your days run a little more smoothly.

When I was fairly new to motherhood, I remember the times I would call my mom and complain about how tired and frustrated I was. My mom’s response would always be “I told you that you need to get a schedule going.” Each and every time she said that, I would roll my eyes and wonder how the heck that would make so much of a difference that she claimed.

Until one day, I got fed up. I was done feeling like a turkey with it’s head cut off, being exhausted by the end of the day (even though this one never goes away), and feeling like my kids controlled my day instead of the other way around.

Now, I would be lying if I said creating that schedule was easy, because it wasn’t. But after plenty of trial and error, I finally got it down-packed. Having a schedule not only benefits me, but my family as well. It feels good for us to know what comes up next instead of always doing things “on a whim.” And plus, that schedule also includes their bedtime so mama can get some reading done before bed (whoop, whoop)!

6. Make time for yourself (Relax)


This tip goes in hand with #1 yet it is slightly different. It is also a tip that I need to personally get better with.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a corporate mom this fact remains the same– we all need to make time to relax and do nothing sometimes. Wait, hold up! How crazy does that sound?? We have to actually schedule time to be alone LOL. But it’s definitely needed in order to be the best mom possible and keep our sanity.

As a stay-at-home mom, I can admit that some days are so joyful and I absolutely love being a mom. And then there are the days when I feel like ripping my hair out or taking the next bus to wherever just to be alone. It all comes with the territory though. I notice that I feel so refreshed when my mom can get the kids for the weekend. During that time, I enjoy doing….can you guess what it is?? I enjoy doing absolutely nothing. That alone time is my moment to enjoy my hubby if he is not at work, catch up on some reading or YouTube videos, and bask in the peace and quiet. That time alone is definitely my reset button.

I know some of you who are new to motherhood may feel a little guilty when you ship the kiddo off to grandma’s (been there, done that) but don’t be! Enjoy some time to yourself to feel like “you” again, even if it is only for a couple of hours. You deserve it. In order to take care of our kid(s) the best way possible, we have to be willing to take care ourselves first. Because what good are you to them if you are constantly on edge, stressed out, or tired?

So enjoy some time to yourself, mama. YOU DESERVE IT!

7. Eat healthy and exercise


For this tip, you get a 2 in 1 because they go hand in hand. You cannot do one without the other. Well, physically you can. But honestly, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Before I made eating healthy and exercise a part of my daily life, I always felt really tired, cranky, and lazy. And it wasn’t because of my wild kids, either (not in this case, at least lol). I was mainly tired all the time due to not eating enough, filling my body with CRAP, dehydration, and being sedentary. In short, it took a toll on the inside of my body and I could definitely feel it. And sadly, my kids paid the price of my unhealthy habits, too.

Exercise and good nutrition has not only helped me lose 50lbs (click here to see my fitness journey) but it has also contributed to me being a better mom. I have energy to keep up with my kids, my anxiety and depression is at bay, and after each exercise I feel accomplished and bad-a*s, and ready to tackle the day!

If you haven’t adapted to a healthy lifestyle, I highly encourage you to do so. It will help you today and in the long-run by managing your stress levels, boosting your metabolism and energy, and promoting weight loss (HOT MOM ALERT!) 🙂

And there you have it! 7 ways to help you MOM like a BOSS!

I would love to know– Which tips are you going to add to your daily life? Which ones have you been doing already? Please feel free to share some mom boss tips with me as well 😊


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  1. Thank you so much for the visit and following me! I like your advise, it is good for parenting as God would have it!



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