The Sacrifice Revealed

God is so faithful to me! Words cannot describe how great and intense his love and faithfulness is for His children. It is so deep that no one will be able to fully understand how great it is. I, for sure, will never understand.
This morning during praise and worship, I cried out to God “Lord, help me be able to understand everything there is to know about you. Help me fully understand the reasoning behind Jesus’ sacrifice.”

Now, before any of you judge LOL, just know that I did understand the gist of it but didn’t feel as if I understood as much as others did. Many times on Easter Sunday, I would go to church and be thankful, but often wondered what I was missing as I witnessed other people genuinely crying and expressing their deep gratitude. I wanted to understand everything they did and experience the things they felt. So as silly as it may sound, I asked God to reveal it to me.
Who would have ever thought that my God would be SO quick to answer my prayer and reveal the true meaning of the Lord’s sacrifice! My revelation happened less than an hour ago and I am still giving praise, and was led to write about this.
At first I said “Well God, I feel a little silly writing about this because maybe I am the only one who doesn’t fully understand.” But the Lord told me to write it anyway because someone else needs it for themselves. I believe many people are like me—they have been told about Jesus’ sacrifice by pastors but haven’t taken the time to fully understand the true meaning personally. So here I am writing about my revelation, hoping it will help the next person ask God to reveal it to them, too.

Currently, I am reading the New Testament, which has been very beneficial because it is helping me learn about whom Jesus truly is and his nature. But today I was led to “skip around the bible and read the first page I land on.” At first I was confused because it didn’t make sense, but just bare with me for a second.

As I was reading, I noticed every single page I landed on talked about God destroying people for their sins, His wrath, and anger towards sinners. I must admit, I couldn’t help but wonder where the loving God went and why he was being so mean to the children he loved. I also noticed that he does not play when it comes to sin.

As I continued to read, I came across a simple, yet powerful scripture that connected the dots and made me realize why God led me to reading all those similar pages.

Amos 9:10 says But all the sinners will die by the sword.

This scripture is the very reason why I now fully understand Jesus’ sacrifice and it has left me feeling so overwhelmed with tears of joy and gratitude! I was ugly crying and everything LOL.

Allow me to explain my revelation and the way it was revealed to me…….


Without Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we would ALL be punished and die in our sins the same way all those people did in the Old Testament. Because let’s be real—as humans with human nature and tendencies, we know that sinning is inevitable. So without that sacrifice, we would automatically be doomed to hell because EVERYONE SINS.

But because of the suffering Jesus endured and His blood shed on the cross, our sins are erased and we can be a part of God’s Kingdom through faith and not merely by following every single commandment! How wonderful is that?!

His bravery has given us a chance to have eternal life! He took on the pain that we deserved. He rescued us from God’s wrath and judgment! Thank you Jesus!

I praise God because He would rather send his One and Only Son to die for us than to live without us. He needed a human sacrifice to die for our sins in order for us the LIVE!

So I will say it again for the people who missed it the first time— if that sacrifice didn’t happen, we would ALL still be dead in our sins and be summoned to hell.

But because of his brave sacrifice, we can come before God WITHOUT FAULT!

Praise the Lord for his bravery and obedience to fulfill God’s plan to save his children!

I am so thankful that God gave me this quick revelation because I literally just asked him to help me fully understand. As you can see, He didn’t waste any time!

I am greatly overwhelmed because this revelation has showed me even more how deep God’s love is for His children! None of us deserve to be saved but yet his grace is sufficient! I personally have done things in my life that I wouldn’t dare do if Jesus were sitting in the same room, but because of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness, I AM SAVED! And so are you!


I encourage any one of you who may be struggling with understanding Jesus’ sacrifice to ask God to help you. Or anything else for that matter. His word says to ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you (Matthew 7:7) — so I challenge you to ask God help you know him more than ever. I also want to encourage you to never doubt that he will help strengthen whatever area that needs it in order to have a deep, intimate relationship him.


5 thoughts on “The Sacrifice Revealed

  1. Thanks so much for being obedient and writing about this because even though I feel like I know why Jesus had to die on the cross I love your perspective (how God explained it to you) and I’m glad I ran across this on tonight. God bless you!


  2. Wow, Glory to God ! It’s encouraging and inspiring to read how God is transforming you in your life. It serves as an example for me and every reader that He can use you right where you are and that your gratitude of what He’s done for you will compel you to testify of Him.

    Personally, I have been caught up thinking of what to say when telling others about God and the Bible.(Compelling evidences, eloquently presented scripture verses, having all the answers,etc.)- Not to say that your testimony isn’t; the disciples simply shared what they heard and saw. Through you, I see how He’s using you as you learn and grow as a Christian.

    As mentioned in a previous comment, thank you for being obedient because it’s a blessing to those who may struggle with sharing their faith from either fear, inadequacy, or simply not knowing what to say…

    Keep the Faith. I’m proud of you sis!


    1. Awe thanks bro! Your comment literally brought a smile to my face. There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to speaking about God. Of course, the facts will always be the same, but everyone’s perspective on their relationship/walk is unique, It should be shared from the heart because that (in my opinion) is the most compelling way. As mentioned before, you sharing your testimony is powerful enough when you speak to others about God.


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