When God Speaks

It’s funny how God reveals certain things that he wants us to know. It seems to always be out of the blue and happens when you least expect it. He can reveal it to you through a stranger, a billboard sign you pass while driving, or a video. Whatever the case, it is always needed and the end result leaves you praising his name.
As I was spending time with God yesterday, I had one of those moments.
I normally start my alone time by journaling to Him and writing down what is on my mind and heart. Yesterday was different though. I felt like something was weighing down my spirit. As I listened to praise and worship music, I heard Him say “I need to talk to you.” A couple of seconds later, I turned off the music. After what seemed like a while, I then heard Him say “You are my servant.” And I of course followed with “I know Lord.”
Not in the way you are thinking of.” He said.
Now, before I keep going, I must admit what I thought being his servant meant. I saw myself being a slave—a prisoner. (Even though that isn’t a bad thing because if you notice in the bible, all of God’s disciples said they were either a prisoner or slave of Christ.)
In short, I didn’t understand what being his servant meant at all. Now back to the story.
God then said “I want you to listen to Joyce Meyer.”
I listen to her sermons pretty often, so I knew He wanted me to go on YouTube. He didn’t tell me which sermon so I scrolled through her list of videos until “Lust of the Flesh” stuck out to me.
You ever felt like something in your spirit was leading you to do something? Well, I had that strong nudge when it came to this particular sermon. So I clicked on it.
I am so glad I did because that message was specifically for me yesterday morning. Not only was my spirit convicted of being self-centered, but I now have a clear and different perspective of being God’s servant.
God doesn’t want us to focus on the things we don’t do right (which is exactly what I was journaling and thinking about yesterday morning.) When we do that, we magnify and put ourselves first which leads to self-absorption. Doing that strays our focus elsewhere when it should be put on the backburner for God to take care of. It also prevents us from being able to do the things God wants us to do.
Her sermon talked about loving God and being his servant by SERVING HIS PEOPLE.
In John 21: 15-17, Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him. Each time Peter replied with yes, I love you; Jesus said “Then feed my sheep.”
I found that funny that that scripture was talked about in Joyce’s sermon because I literally read that a couple of days ago (isn’t God amazing?!), but I must admit that I didn’t understand the true meaning until now.
God wants us to care, love, and help his children. He wants us to do good for others. And not just people who are less fortunate than us. We don’t need to go to church one day out the week to hear his word and praise him, yet go the rest of the week neglecting to serve others.
There are a lot of people today who choose not to believe in God because they don’t see anything special about the way todays Christians act. A lot of us do some good deeds here and there but turn our heads to the people we know could probably use some help.
In my case, I get nervous to ask someone if they need help because I don’t want them to get offended if they don’t feel they need it. But I need to get over that fear. My thoughts should only be on pleasing God by feeding his sheep. That is my new motive each day—finding someone to help. I will strive to make someone’s day a little better.
If you love God, then you are his servant and he expects you to serve his people as much as you can. We all need to show the unbelievers the light we have within us, so they will want what we have—JESUS!
God’s servant,


3 thoughts on “When God Speaks

  1. Amen. I feel the same way. Knowing who to serve has to come from God. I believe He’ll show me because I often feel I can serve the world but then I realize, I ain’t God! Lol. All power belongs to Him. His will shall be done…in me, through me and around me. May He help me to help others even when I feel like it’ll go unappreciated. May I not be concerned about what others may think but knowing God is pleased with my actions of serving from the heart.


    1. Amen! “Knowing who to serve has to come from God”– I love that because it’s true. It’s easy to try and serve every body, but I also believe he will tell you specifically.
      There’s been times when I didn’t want to do for someone who would abuse my help and kindness but I shouldn’t think that way. My thoughts are on being obedient and pleasing the Lord.
      Thanks for your reply and great insight ❤


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