My Fitness Journey: Nowhere to go But Up| I’m Meal Prepping?! 

Most people say you have to hit your rock bottom in order to dust off and succeed.

Well, I’ve officially hit mine.

I know the quality of the picture above isn’t that great, but bare with me for a sec.

I was pretty tipsy when my husband took this photo, which is the reason I was okay with him taking just one picture. (Normally, I ask to see it, and if I don’t like it I’ll have him take it over and over until I get that picture perfect shot.) But nope, the alcohol allowed him to get a pass from doing that…this time.

Okay, now back to this picture. When I saw it, I cringed. As I stared at it, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t like what I saw. To me, my face looks so round and from my smile, “I’m uncomfortable.” is written on my face for everyone to see.

But….since it was my birthday weekend, I brushed it off and pushed those unwanted thoughts out of my head. Until it happened again a few days later….

After walking an hour at the park while my family played at the playground, I had my hubby snap another photo of me. Because if you don’t take a picture, the workout didn’t count…right?!

When I saw the picture in better lighting at home, it was like Deja Vu all over again. I didn’t like what I saw! At all.

I could easily talk down on my physical appearance, but honestly that won’t do any good. And plus, the words that will come out of my mouth about myself may make your ears bleed– I’m a work in progress when it comes to self-confidence and self-esteem, okay?!

It’s how I feel on the inside that is the most important to me. I feel uncomfortable in my skin. My mental game is not on point. I’m starting to feel a lot more tired than usual these days. And more often than I like to admit, I’m skipping out on doing my workout program at home and just going walking instead. Main point: I don’t feel like myself anymore.

I realize no one is perfect and struggles come about every so often, but at this point I’m ready to get back on track entirely. I have to. The fact that I’m feeling lazy and no longer comfortable in my skin is enough reason to revert back to eating healthy to fuel my body (which is quite easy to do). The real question is, will I stick to it for more than a month?
Yes, I believe it can be done because I’ve done so before. But in order for this time to be different and for the healthy eating to last longer, I have to do something I’m intimidated to do……Meal Prep 😬

The thought of actually preparing all my main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) makes my head spin! I’ve told a few people about my upcoming meal prep and the responses I got makes me feel a little discouraged that I will be successful at it. But I have to try this for ME! Because in order to get a different result, you have to be willing to try something different, right?

My plans for next week?

I say next week because I’m enjoying my daughters spring break/ 8th birthday to the fullest. (Hey, don’t judge me, lol) So far, I’m getting my grocery shopping list prepared and I will buy all my tubberware containers this weekend. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this last week of being bad with my eating–no regrets!

As I was saying before, this will all be new to me but I’m ready to get back on track and stay on track for better long-lasting health. I will keep you all updated on my progress each week so keep an eye out.

In the meantime– What are your views on meal prepping? Have you done it before? Did it help you? What tips will help me in the long run?

Until next time,

Marie 💋


2 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: Nowhere to go But Up| I’m Meal Prepping?! 

  1. I have and so far I love it. My probably is being consistent. When the weekends come, I’m back to eating unhealthy so now I’ve added prepped meals for the weekend as well. Change is scary and normal to feel. We tend to fear the unknown but just do what works best for you and your body. Godspeed.


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